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Brand: Libratone

Model: Diva

Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay


Libratone is a company known for its fuzziness – in its design for products. The Libratone Diva is a ‘pill like’ speaker that has a rock-hard white plastic body, and the front is completely enclosed by a soft wool covering. When purchasing the Diva, you can choose from 11 different colors, and if you want some extras, you can buy them for $79 each. The only part of the front that doesn’t have the wool covering is the round control pad. Basically, it’s a big power button that has the Libratone logo on it. Around the button and logo you’ll find the Volume Up/Down controls and an LED indicator light. The only other controls would be buttons for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which are found on the top of the soundbar’s back. It’s a round, pill-shaped device and can only be placed in once position. If you’d like to mount the small device, you are able to do that via the holes located on the back of the device.

Connecting to the Diva is very simple; you can access it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If you have an Apple device you can connect to the Diva via AirPlay. Either way, connecting to the Diva was simple whether we were using an Android or Apple device. Another easy way is that if you have an Android device that supports NFC, you can simply tap the devices together to pair the phone and speaker via Bluetooth. Using the Diva for movies was a bit disappointing, it was just underpowered and we noticed it has an odd volume curve. Essentially, it can get loud enough for the basic room when it’s at max volume, but anything less than halfway sounds as quiet as a pair of earphones. All in all, the device certainly has some really good bass. Some of the bass synth notes and kick drum hits caused nearby walls to vibrate every time there was a ‘thump.’ It’s definitely a good speaker, the volume curve is opposite of most speakers, since they usually sound loud enough in the first half. If you’re someone who likes to hang out at the pool or throw the occasional party at your house, this device will definitely get the job done.

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